1. Seeroo now in Abu Dhabi

    We are highly delighted to announce that SEEROO has expanded our presence in the Middle East and that we have a fully functional office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from Jan 2017 onward. We are making our first official entry into the middle east arena to continue providing what we do best to the […]

  2. Generate PDF from XML using XSLT

    XML to PDF through XSLT is a simple tool for generating PDF from XML using XSLT. Usually an XML document is hardly readable. With a huge amount of data it is more difficult to identify the information we needed. The only way to solve this problem is to convert XML data to a readable format. […]

  3. Adding unsupported Paypal Currency for Opencart 1.5.4 checkout screen

    Recently we had to show the price in AED in an open cart eCommerce project. Even though we tried the solution as suggested in the OpenCart Forum, the conversion from AED ( a non supported currency for PayPal) was not being converted to USD. We solved it as explained below : 1. EDIT : catalog/controller/payment/pp_standard.php 2. FIND (First […]

  4. Web Development and Web design

    Seeroo IT Solutions offers professional web development services to its clients in Cochin, Kerala. In a short period of time, Seeroo has proved it’s capabilities and has become one of the most reputed web development  and  web design company in Cochin. Our Cochin team of  web development  and  web design  features an integrated team of web project consultants […]

  5. Import English and Arabic Country Names to your Database

    With the application provided you can import over 200 country names to your Database from an excel sheet. Steps to be followed 1. Download excel sheet containing the country names and application Download from Here 2. Change the database connection string in App.config 3. Create a stored procedure to insert the country names into your […]

  6. Test Link Simplified Workflow

    This is from our QA team. TestLink is web based Test Management system extensively used by our QA team. The workflow diagram given below might help to understand how Testlink assists in managing test cases preparation and execution.

  7. Amazon EC2 Windows Server IIS , FileZilla and SQL Server Express

    This tutorial helps you understand how you could launch an EC2 instance quickly with FTP and SQL Server remote connectivity. Note:  No method in this tutorial is considered safe and secure. This is just a basic tutorial which will help you setup an EC2 instance quickly, you would probably want to dump this instance in […]

  8. Script to change case of mysql tables

    Here is  an SQL script that renames all tables in a mysql schema schema to its lower case form. select concat(‘rename table ‘, table_name, ‘ to  temp’ , ‘;’,’rename table temp to  ‘,  lower(table_name), ‘;’ ) from information_schema.tables where table_schema = ‘your-schema'; The above script generates SQL statements (which you can copy-paste) that will help you […]

  9. Best of MVC Links

    For Starters MVC Edit Update tutorial Ajax Progressive enhancement ajax mvc Calling Ajax Directly Unobtrusive Ajax in ASP.NET MVC 3 MVC VALIDATION BEHAVIOUR AND A TUTORIAL MVC DEPLOYMENT IN IIS5 OTHER SUGGESTED LINKS IN MVC MVC 3 Online Installer […]

  10. Bookmarklet to test your pages in different screen resolutions

    Today, we are publishing few bookmarklets which will help you to test your pages in different screen resolutions from same browser window. Just drag the required links from below list to your browser toolbar and start testing. After opening the page, click on the required bookmarklet to open the page in a new window with […]

  11. Calling a COM component directly from C#

    This post title could be using SMTPsvg.Mailer component in c# code too:-). Recently, we had to call a COM component from C# code. The COM component in question was SMTPsvg.Mailer. Sample code in classic ASP was available. The easiest way to do this method is using Interop. But we were not in a situation to […]

  12. Visio Stencils for Web Design and Development

    A collection of free Visio Stencils that will aid in web design and development Wireframes Visio Stencils for Information Architects Visio Wireframe Stencil Templates & Stencils for Visio & Omnigraffle Visio Wireframe Toolkit for Download Visio – the interaction designer’s nail gun (3rd edition) Visio sketch shapes Web GUI Prototypes Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit   […]

  13. Customizing JOMRES Booking Component

    We recently worked with JOMRES , a hotel booking component for Joomla. We implemented following major changes to the core set of features. Showing count of rooms by room type in Front End administration, especially in micro managed mode. This helped the client to easily add or remove number of rooms at will depending on […]

  14. White space is good!

    The graphic design term whitespace (or negative space) literally refers to any area of a page that’s not covered by type or illustrations. While many novice web designers (and most clients) feel a need to fill every inch of a web page with photos, text, tables, and data, having empty space on a page is […]

  15. JQuery Accordion refresh issue

    If you have trouble viewing your jquery accordion menu, (some part not showing), ensure that you have set autoheight:true, while initilaising the accordion. Example: jQuery(‘#menu’).accordion({ autoheight: false });