HRKare – Human Resource Management System

Employees are the most valued assets of any organization and a manual system may not be the most efficient system when there are hundreds of employees in an organization. The organization has to efficiently manage a wide range of people with different talents and skill set and motivate them for the continuous success of the organization.

Thus, the Human Resource department of an organisation has the most important role to contribute to the success of that organization. The Human Resource Department has to continuously evaluate and motivate the right team.

HRKare is a specialized enterprise level Human Resource Management System powered with a web service based back end. The architecture of HRKare Human Resource Management System makes it possible to run the desktop based interface from different locations. HRKare combines functions of Human Resource Departments and helps in overall efficient management of human resources in an organization. HRKare Human Resource management is the right mix of functionality and reporting features.

Key features of HRKare Human Resource Management System

  • Easy to use interface
  • Supports in decision making
  • Tracks details of all employees
  • Multi location capabilities
  • Support for multiple organizations in same installation

Demo of HRKare Human Resource Management SystemPlease contact us for a demo

Modules of HRKare Human Resource Management System

  • Company scheduling module
  • Master Information
    • Employee
    • Allowances
    • Deductions
    • Contacts
    • Blood groups
    • Cities
    • Countries
    • Departments
    • Designations
    • Passport Custodians
    • Religions
    • States
    • Vehicle Insurances
    • Vehicle Models
    • Vehicle Types
    • Companies
    • Banks
    • Divisions
    • Assets
    • Asset Types
    • Air Ticket options
    • Account Types
    • Accommodation Types
    • Accommodation
    • Project Types
    • Projects
    • Contact Types
    • Customers
    • Qualifications
    • Sponsors
    • Shifts
    • Skills
    • Vehicles
  • HR Modules
    • Bulk Mess Deduction
    • Employee Assets
    • Monthly Overtime
    • Allowance Assignment
    • Employee Rejoin
    • Employee Status Change
    • Employee Deductions
    • Leave Application
    • Employee Travel Information
    • Employee Card Renewal
    • Daily Overtime
    • Document and Certificate Release
    • Company Transfers
    • Various Alerts/ Reminders
    • Leave Applications / Approvals
  • Pay roll
    • Attendance Marking ( Daily, Weekly or Monthly)
    • Allowance Increments
    • Monthly Salary Process
    • Salary Transfer
    • Pay Slip
    • Recurring Deduction
    • Recurring Deduction Settlement
    • Employee Deduction Posting
  • Vehicles
    • Vehicle Assigning
    • Insurance Payment
    • Vehicle Handover / Taken
    • Journey / Trip Details
  • Man Power Allocations
    • Project Allocations
    • Project Rate Settings
    • Project Transfers
  • Others
    • Accommodation Transfers

Special Features of HRKare Human Resource Management System

  • Web service based backend
  • Desktop application as the front end
  • One click installation
  • Report Designer

Target Countries

  • India
  • Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries including Saudi Arabia (Jedddah, Riyadh), Oman ( Muscat ), Kuwait, UAE (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman) and Bahrain
  • Malaysia
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