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What is Branding?

Branding is a marketing technique for creating a name, symbol or design to promote the uniqueness of a product or services of a particular company. Generally, branding can be applied to physical goods, stores, person, place, organization, idea, etc. Branding generates an impression in a customer. When we establish a business, we need effective marketing practices to make it a successful one. Branding plays a relevant role in marketing. It tells a c...

Seeroo now in Abu Dhabi


web design company abu dhabi We are highly delighted to announce that SEEROO has expanded our presence in the Middle East and that we have a fully functional office in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates from Jan 2017 onward. We are maki...

Generate PDF from XML using XSLT


XML to PDF through XSLT is a simple tool for generating PDF from XML using XSLT. Usually an XML document is hardly readable. With a huge amount of data it is more difficult to identify the information we needed. The only way to solve this problem is to convert XML data to a readable format. One of the easiest way is to convert the XML to HTML, but sometimes the required target would be PDF format. For converting XML to a readable format we use an XSLT (Extensible Styles...

Adding unsupported Paypal Currency for Opencart 1.5.4 checkout screen


Recently we had to show the price in AED in an open cart eCommerce project. Even though we tried the solution as suggested in the OpenCart Forum, the conversion from AED ( a non-supported currency for PayPal) was not being converted to USD. We solved it as explained below : 1. EDIT : catalog/controller/payment/pp_standard.php 2. FIND (First Ins...



Humans are prone to errors and that’s an inevitable truth. Flaws creates opportunity for some and victory for others. In a competitive world, having an error is the worst....

Web Development and Web design


web design company cochin Seeroo IT Solutions offers professional web development services to its clients in Cochin, Kerala. In a short period of time, Seeroo has proved its capabilities and has become one of the most reputed web development and w...

Import English and Arabic Country Names to your Database


With the application provided you can import over 200 country names to your Database from an excel sheet. Steps to be followed 1. Download excel sheet containing the country names and application Download from Here 2. Change the database connection string in App.config 3. Create a stored procedure to insert the country names into your database 4. Change the proc...

Test Link Simplified Workflow


This is from our QA team. TestLink is web based Test Management system extensively used by our QA team. The workflow diagram given below might help to understand how Testlink assists in managing test cases preparation and execution.


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