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Humans are prone to errors and that’s an inevitable truth. Flaws creates opportunity for some and victory for others. In a competitive world, having an error is the worst. Hence companies that deals with high load of crucial works, it’s always necessary to have a flawless partner. Efficiency comes from the application of knowledge, time and the right tools in the right way. And your company needs the best tool. Every company have their own way to excellence from which they can never back down. To do so, a masterpiece of intelligence, accuracy and swiftness is required.

Our supreme and flawless Human Resources Management software (HRMS), the brainchild offered by Seeroo is the tool to meet all small and medium industrial management needs .The sophisticated processing of our software gives you the limitless capabilities of easing up on the most stressful works you have.

Why prefer us?

Let’s agree to the fact that there are dozens of HRMS software’s in market and yet somehow they don’t satisfy the entirety of your needs. The reason we stand out are twofold; one, we provide you with a software that fits to all your needs and have an international standard integrated to its core. Secondly and most importantly, customer is the king, it’s the commitment we take to your wish that’s makes us who perfect. We don’t leave any room for dissatisfaction because we want what you deserve the most.

Who needs us?

Efficiency is rooted to how well a company completes its task and depends on the unity of it’s working hands. More pressure creates more disputes and many organizational setups cracks under these pressure. With our HRMS software, pressure is no more. What we do is completely believe is that speed and knowledge in the right proportion can create marvels . Small and medium scale companies need a hand with all the work pressure that accompanied their processing especially those under Gulf Cooperation council (GCC) countries such as Saudi Arabia ( Jeddah, Riyadh),Oman(Muscat), Kuwait, UAE ( Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ajman)  and Bahrain.

What’s special about our HRMS?

Let’s just take a look on how sophisticated we are :


Powered by a flexible web-based backend and desktop interface with one click installation support, the Human Resource Management Software(HRMS) package supports multiple companies that are located in multiple locations. The HRMS Software package covers following modules which are essential for Human Resource Management Systems in the Middle East.


We provide a quick- access, digital backup and storage of all employee details covering a large number of modules such as Employee Management, Leave Management, Payroll Allowance and deduction, Salary processes and transfers, Daily/weekly/monthly overtime.


Our HRMS provides you help keeping track of allowance and deduction, salary processing and transfers


Our HRMS software takes good care of managing, supporting and storing employee documents, asset allocation.


A wholesome leave management system to log all leave related data; Leave, related application, approvals, settlements and re-joining, full cycle of leave management


As an added bonus HRS covers normal OT, special OT, absent and sick days.

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