ServiceKare – Service Request Management System


ServiceKare is an application, which automates the business of any service oriented industry. This system is designed in a way that, it can incorporate the business workflow of any type of service oriented industry with less effort.

The basic work flow of any service oriented industry involves following steps:

  • Tracking incoming items / products through Job Order Generation
  • Performing the required service(s) on the items in a Job Order
  • Tracking spare parts and manual efforts usage on items in job order
  • Tracking the delivery of the serviced items through Delivery Notes
  • Generating summary reports

ServiceKare supports the above workflow with customization options. ServiceKare has already been customized to the work flow of galvanizing industry.


Demo of ServiceKare – Service Request Management System

Please contact us for a demo

Supported Modules

  • Customer Management
  • Job Order and Job Cards Management
  • Delivery Notes Management
  • Item Purchase Details
  • Multiple Service Types
  • Delivery Card Management
  • Invoicing for Services

Special Features

  • Combine multiple items into single job card
  • Combine items from different job cards to a single delivery card
  • Report Designer
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