As the digital world takes a new turn of faster, smarter, and more powerful software development, it is always wise to stay ahead of technology.  Business management needs a strong integration of external and internal processes, which is hectic at times. But here is a top-notch Odoo ERP software for your business.

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Odoo A Revolutionary Game Changer

Transform your business operations with the power of Odoo ERP Software, a premier solution that revolutionizes enterprise resource planning (ERP) and enhances customer relationship management (CRM). Embrace the future of enterprise management with Odoo ERP Software, the top choice for businesses aiming for the pinnacle of operational excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Odoo ERP And Commercial Ventures

Unlock the full potential of your business with the adaptable and cloud-based Odoo ERP Software, the ultimate solution for streamlining your enterprise’s operations across all sectors. This open-source platform is expertly designed to tailor-fit the unique requirements of your business, ensuring a highly personalized management experience. With Odoo ERP Software, enjoy the convenience of cloud accessibility, allowing you and your team to operate efficiently from anywhere.

Features Of Odoo


Custom Crafted Perfection

Odoo ERP software offers tailored applications that are designed to meet the unique needs of various industries. This makes it easier for businesses to manage their operations effectively and efficiently.


One-For-All Solution

Odoo platform is a multi-functional, versatile tool that helps in automation and integration with third-party apps for smooth communication and streamlined workflow.


Open-Source And Easy Use

Odoo is an easy-to-use, open-source software with an intuitive interface. Odoo allows high-quality customization that increases the flexibility and scalability of operations.


Effortless Third-Party App Integration

Getting rid of the communication gap and lack of integration between different applications within a business is now simple and much easier with a fully compliant platform like Odoo.



Odoo ERP software is accessible from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, thereby increasing the flexibility and convenience of overall operations.

Our Odoo ERP Services

SEEROO provides comprehensive Odoo ERP and Odoo CRM services in Kochi, Kerala. We individually optimize each factor of business automation and thus ensure complete scalability, efficiency, and cost reduction. Here are some good advantages of using the Odoo ERP system:

AP Automation

AP automation/ accounts payable automation is the process of utilizing technology to optimize and streamline the accounts payable process. Invoice processing, data entry, and payment processing are some tasks to be automated. By implementing AP automation, organizations can eliminate the discrepancies and errors associated with manual processes, reducing the risk of payment delays, inaccuracies, and fraud.

Sales And CRM

Odoo allows better customer relationships, sales activities, and business orientation. It offers functionalities such as lead and opportunity management, customer segmentation, sales prediction, and automated marketing campaigns.

Inventory Management

Odoo inventory management allows users to manage their stock levels, inventory tracking, and automate purchase orders. It includes functionalities such as real-time inventory tracking, stock valuation, and automated reordering.


comprehensive manufacturing module that supports various manufacturing process features such as bill of materials management, production planning, and work order tracking.

Project Management

Planning, executing, and tracking projects with Odoo is an effortless and efficient advantage as it includes features such as task management, time tracking, resource allocation, and many more.

Accounting And Finance

Odoo creates a space for robust accounts and finance management as the Odoo module contains invoicing, payments, and reporting. It offers features such as general ledger management, bank reconciliation, and multi-currency support.

Why Prefer SEEROO’s Odoo ERP Services?

Choosing the Odoo software platform for business app integration is one of the most impactful strategies in the current digital world. Our finest Odoo developers in India and UAE allow for flawless integration of external/third-party apps with Odoo applications through a single platform. Here are some reasons why Odoo is perfect to tailor make your app of choice –

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Odoo ERP Software Implementation

Our Odoo ERP implementation services in UAE and India are optimized by Odoo developers who evaluate businesses set up and configure Odoo ERP for specific needs. We work closely with our clients to understand the workflows and business processes, and then design Odoo ERP to fit their demands.

Odoo ERP Software

Odoo ERP Customization

Odoo ERP comes with an array of built-in applications and features, Businesses always need to stand out from the pack and hence customization is key. As an open-source platform, Odoo provides the best application customization services with –

  • Customized app development
  • Integration of third-party applications
  • UI customization
  • Workflow automation
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Odoo ERP Support

The resourcefulness of Odoo is not only in its versatile features. Odoo ERP provides business on-going support and maintenance. Our Odoo ERP support services excel in

  • Technical assistance
  • User support and training
  • Performance optimization
  • Bug fixes and frequent updates

What SEEROO Offers In Odoo ERP Services

SEEROO has always maintained the highest seating position in the field of providing IT solutions for business ventures that aim for burgeoning success. It is our sole duty to provide the best to a client so as to respect their time, money, and value. Integrating Odoo ERP and CRM services has catapulted customer satisfaction in the form of improved ROI, increased marketing, streamlined workflow, and customer satisfaction.

Team of experts

We present you with the best Odoo developers in UAE and in India. Working across the globe, our team is hardworking and dedicated to custom-producing ERP and CRM services through the amazing Odoo. Our team of experts in Odoo ERP services has years of experience in navigating even the toughest challenges for a business in any industry.

Customized solutions

Streamlining the workflow for overall efficiency is a cumbersome process that factors many obscure elements. Our Odoo based customization services in Dubai, UAE, and India are top-notch and state-of-the-art, carefully understanding the individual specifications required for each client and their business.

On-going Support

SEEROO takes up a project with a promise of end-to-end solutions and support. It is our responsibility to assure your success through our efforts and we strive to do exactly that. We carry out timely maintenance and security support as well as provide training to users.

Affordable investment

Spanning across the globe, our services are quite unparalleled as well as affordable to any micro, small, and medium enterprises. We appreciate clients approaching us with full trust and confidence and we work to provide the same to our clients.


Odoo is a leading provider of open-source business software, that is offering a range of cloud-based apps such as ERP, CRM, and financials. Odoo CRM and  ERP software is a comprehensive and highly customizable platform for small and midsize enterprises. With over 19,000 apps available within Odoo, they provide users with tools that can customize the workflow with top-notch features. 

Yes, Odoo is an excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool that offers businesses a sophisticated set of features for managing their customer interactions and relationships. Odoo CRM module in businesses can track, manage, and maintain customer databases, among other functions. The CRM module provides a complete view of clients’ customer interactions, allowing them to make informed decisions and design their marketing strategies. Additionally, the CRM module can be integrated with other Odoo modules to manage the entire business.    

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is core for businesses as it consolidates and streamlines various functions, decreasing errors and inconsistencies. By automating core processes such as accounting, inventory management, and customer relationship management, ERP Software improves efficiency and reduces costs. ERP Software also provides valuable insights for decision-making and strategizing. Odoo ERP services are customized by SEEROO Odoo developers in Kochi, Kerala to meet the specific needs of a business, providing a flexible and scalable solution. 

In Odoo, CRM, and ERP are two distinct modules. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) module focuses on managing interactions with customers and streamlining the sales process. It guides businesses to manage leads, opportunities, and customer interactions.  

The ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) module focuses on managing business processes such as accounting, inventory management, and human resources. It helps businesses automate core processes and improve efficiency. Odoo helps to integrate these two modules seamlessly.  

The use of Odoo is always dependent upon the project that is being undertaken. Elements such as the size of the company, the number of users, the modules needed, hosting platform are to be considered. Compared to other ERP Software providers Odoo is cost-effective, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. Odoo offers a flexible pricing model that helps businesses to pay only for required modules and they can add or remove modules as their business requirements change. No licensing fee is required for Odoo ERP Software and with SEEROO’s Odoo developers it’s an unspoken advantage. 

Integrating Odoo with other apps is a seamless process due to the architectural core modules and the open-source nature.  The API of Odoo allows third-party developers to integrate and interact with Odoo modules.  Moreover, Odoo harbors over 19000 apps of versatile and variant functionalities. PayPal, Shopify, and Google Suite are some of the external apps popularly interested with Odoo for a smooth workflow and increased productivity.    

Odoo provides two versions, the free and open-source Community Edition, easily downloaded and installed on-premises or hosted on a server.

Next is the commercial Enterprise Edition which has add-on features and services such as advanced reporting, priority support, and automated upgrades. The Enterprise Edition comes with a subscription fee and is best for businesses that require more advanced features and dedicated support. 

Of course, Odoo improves your business in many ways. With our skilled Odoo developers, you can streamline your business processes, automate repetitive tasks, and get up-to-date insights into your operations. With Odoo’s modular approach, you can choose and implement only the features and functionalities that you need, thus decreasing cost and increasing efficiency. Additionally, Odoo is highly customizable, allowing you to tailor it to your specific business requirements with us. With its wide range of applications, including ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and project management, Odoo and SEEROO can provide a comprehensive solution for your business needs. 


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