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We don’t work at SEEROO, we just express ourselves. It’s all creative and ingenious out here. Within this serene and fun-filled atmosphere, you are always inspired and motivated to achieve your creative best. It’s nothing less than a second home for us all. We are all being part of a big, fun-loving family, where achievement is always met with accolades. We live here, we make fun, we laugh, we go out, we play, we celebrate but the work is always done. Seeroo is a way of life for us all; our work culture is our legacy.

Inspiring Western Ghats


To break the shackled of yearlong office days, we set our eyes on the ever so beautiful and charming Wayanad, a picturesque plateau situated at the North-eastern Kerala among the mountains of the Western Ghats.To be out in the open, breathing ‘unconditioned’ natural air was really something. To be standing in the ‘Paadavayamb’ with the vast green expanses of paddy fields, from which you Wayanad derives its name, one feels a strange harmony, a bond with oneself and everything.

Time spent among the carvings of the Neolithic man at the Edakkal Caves, forces us to have an introspective of oneself and reflect on all the civilization and social sophistications one acquire along the evolutionary curve and process dubbed as personal growth. Moving on, we encountered another early structure, the second largest Earth dam in Asia, the Banasura Sagar Dam. The exquisite view from the Dam top into the islands with the Banasura hills in background is just one for a lifetime.

No trip to Wayand is complete without the tranquilizing water bodies and dense woods. We had the best of both worlds at the Kuruva Islands. We were within the wild amidst of the sounds of slowly flowing Kabini River. All the rare species of flora and fauna welcomed us into the woods, while the brook sang their hearty song all the way into the night where we had a camp fire and shared a lot of laughs. After two unforgettable days we left with a smile and a silent longing for the calm and peace which went missing in the traffic of city, the silent winds were still soothing off by my face and I took looked forward with rejuvenated Energy.

City of Salubrious Climate


Our team had a wonderful trip to Bangalore, the Garden city of India and is no doubt one of the greenest cities. Nandi Hills, beautiful hill fortress and a popular place located just 60 km away from Bangalore, is one of the most adored heavens. The plethora of trekking trails and mesmerizing views steal the hearts of trekkers.

The trip included visit to Mysore Palace, also known as the Amba Vilas Palace, in the city of Mysore. The palace displays Indo-Saracenic, Dravidian, Roman and Oriental styles of architecture.

The elephant rides and boating at Kaveri Nisargadhama was another attraction of the trip. The trip concluded with visits to St. Philomena’s and Karanji Lake.

A Christmas So Christmassy


It was all Christmassy on 18th December 2014. There was a huge build up for Christmas Celebration as evident from the practice sessions going on after the office hours. The day dawned to huge anticipation, and what followed was beyond expectation. It was the most fun filled 8 hours ever spend in office. All the events were tightly competed with childlike enthusiasm. The carol song competitions revived those sweet little memories in as all. The day has brought out that kid in us all.
The smiles were unending and by the time of curtains we all had saved a lifetime of precious few moments we could cherish forever. This little snap we took that day, says it all.

To the Backwaters of Kerala


Our trip to Venice of the East was really a prodigious experience. Alappuzha is bestowed with towering natural beauty and can be called the capital of Kerala’s backwater tourism. Alappuzha’s captivating backwaters and the verdant carpet of green amidst the numerous crisscrossing channels veiled by palm trees will exhilarate the romanticism in you and drift your imagination to novel dimensions of interpretations.
Our houseboats had a completely equipped kitchen and an expert cook to prepare authentic Kerala cuisine with sea food and fresh vegetables. Some members tried their luck in fishing also!!

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